Mick Krasner is dedicated to empowering health professionals, institutions, and organizations to foster well-being, purpose, and resilience. Mick’s tailored programs, delivered remotely or in person, positively impact burnout, patient experience, and excellence in healthcare.

Join Mick in promoting flourishing in medicine and in life.

Mick Krasner Programs
Flourishing in Medicine Mick Kranser

Flourishing: In Medicine and Life

Through Flourishing: In Medicine and in Life, individual health professionals, healthcare institutions, and organizations can promote flourishing in their professional staff and culture.

The empirically validated programs deeply and positively impact well-being, burnout, purpose, meaning, and patient experience.

Specifically tailored to meet clients’ unique needs, these programs are designed to meet the unique objectives and challenges of individuals, institutions, and organizations. The programs can be delivered remotely or in person and can include facilitator training to support ongoing in-house expertise.

Mindful Practice in Medicine

Launched in 2006 by Dr. Mick Krasner and Dr. Ron Epstein, author of the acclaimed book Attending: Mindfulness, Medicine and Humanity, Mindful Practice in Medicine at the University of Rochester, offers educational programs to develop and inspire health professionals and organizations to thrive, restore joy in medicine, build community, and promote excellence in healthcare.

Mindful Practice in Medicine offers in-person and retreat-like workshops designed to help physicians and other health professionals energize their clinical work, understand and combat burnout, and find joy and resilience through honing self-awareness and deep listening skills that are keys to flourishing at work and navigating stressful and demanding situations.

Mindful Practice in Medicine Mick Krasner