Mick Krasner is an inspiring leader and educator. I have benefitted greatly from intensive teaching and support from Mick during my Mindful Practice in Medicine advanced teacher training, as well as from one to one supervision while I developed a teaching curriculum and supporting materials for a mindfulness training program that I ran within my health service. Mick is attuned to the needs of the moment, and provides a stimulating and collaborative environment in which his students can develop.

Dr Jonathan Starke, Consultant Psychiatrist, Melbourne, Australia

I had a feeling I was starting to suffer from burnout, but I didn’t realize how bad it was and wasn’t aware of the signs I was exhibiting.

This program helped me personally, and I hope it can help me better recognize burnout with colleagues and be better equipped to help them.

This has been the best class I’ve taken in a long time to help me be a better practitioner at work and home.

Mick has expert-level knowledge. He is humble and has an engaging teaching style.

We have been working with Mick Krasner, MD for about 15 years. In that time, Mick has expanded our knowledge of mindfulness and mindful practice astronomically. Mick is a healer. He leads retreats and mindful practice groups for our physicians and leads them as he leads his life…with intention, meaning, and genuineness. Mick is aware. Mick is fascinating. Mick is an inspiration. What a gem.

Gerri Donohue, Vice President, Education, EmPRO Insurance Company

Mick Krasner MD testimonials

Mick ensures he has connected with each participant. He finds a common or shared interest and connects around this, which empowers the other. Of course, he has done significant research and is very knowledgeable in the area. His teaching style brings in humor and creates a relaxing space to learn.

Mick is the “court jester” of the course, and I mean that in the best way…he brought levity and compassion through laughing. This then served to emphasize the moments of deep reflection and empathy.

Mick adds a wonderfully fun and lighthearted element to the group. He connects easily with others and often adds well-timed comic relief to otherwise heavy moments. In addition, he is thoughtful and sincere and asks fantastic questions of participants – I “appreciated” his use of appreciative interviewing techniques in many different sessions.

Mick Krasner is an inspired teacher who has helped thousands of clinicians worldwide be more attentive, effective present and compassionate in their work. A highly respected physician with 3 decades of experience, Mick’s transformational approach, often by finding the right questions to ask, has an uncanny ability to help clinicians flourish and to help wounded healers heal.

Ronald Epstein MD, author of Attending: Medicine, Mindfulness, and Humanity, Professor of Family Medicine, University of Rochester

Thank you, Mick. I am so grateful for you – your joy and curiosity are infectious; I couldn’t get enough of your presence. So, thank you for helping me reconnect to my center and core values and remember myself and my joy in practice. I look forward to returning for teacher training in Mindful Practice – I am inspired to bring this back to my community.

Mick has excellent knowledge. Mick has a lightness that makes him very approachable and inviting. He displays attentive care to all attendees, and his open-heartedness makes him an excellent communicator and leader of mindfulness and compassion. He shows genuine care and interest in all attendees.

Dr. Krasner has an uncanny way of reducing tension and increasing unity and inclusion using humor and kindness.

Mick has a joyous spirit; he beams and radiates inner happiness, always smiling and welcoming.

Mick is wonderful to learn from. He clearly takes great pride and has joy for the work that is infectious. He effectively communicates concepts and is also an excellent role model.

Dr. Krasner was warm, fun, and inviting. I loved all the poems he shared and especially appreciated the heartfelt reading of his experience of grief over the death of a young female patient. Mick was interested in and supportive of my educational and career goals. He connected me with suggestions for mentors with similar interests. I felt a genuine and authentic connection with Dr. Krasner and would feel comfortable reaching out for help/advice with projects in the future.

I enjoyed Mick’s ability to bring in material from other disciplines to support and expand how I experienced mindfulness. It has broadened my view and inspired me to bring some of the resources that I find inspiring into my work environment. I have always hesitated to share some of what is meaningful to me personally, but Mick is such a good model for how to do this in a very open and inclusive manner I may try it.

I loved your energy and occasional irreverence. It was really invaluable to hear from colleagues facing similar challenges rather than from “wellness coaches” who have no idea about medical practice.