Flourishing in Medicine: From Surviving to Thriving

  • flourishing in medicine podcast

    Episode 2 (published 10/24/2023).

    Hosted by Mick Krasner, MD

    Featuring special guest Ronald Epstein, MD

    In this podcast episode, Dr. Ronald Epstein, a renowned physician, educator, and researcher, discusses his work on mindfulness and communication in medical practice. With over 300 scholarly articles and his book, “Attending: Medicine, Mindfulness and Humanity,” Dr. Epstein explores how health professionals can build strong connections with patients and colleagues while optimizing patient care and resilience. He emphasizes the importance of cultivating presence in the medical context and reflects on the balance between flourishing, joy and suffering in healthcare. Dr. Epstein also highlights the need for healthcare professionals to take responsibility for their sustainability and find meaning in their work, acknowledging the imperfections in the healthcare system.

  • flourishing in medicine

    Episode 1 (published 09/28/2023).

    Hosted by Mick Krasner, MD

    Featuring special guest Ni-Cheng Liang, MD, ATSF

    Dr. Ni-Cheng Liang, a cancer survivor and pulmonary physician, discussed her passion for integrative therapies like mindfulness meditation, acupuncture, and yoga, which have played a crucial role in her quality of life after surviving cancer. During the conversation, she emphasized the reciprocal relationship between healers and patients, addressed the challenges of time constraints in medical work, and how mindfulness practices help create space and slow down time. Dr. Liang also stressed the significance of finding joy and meaning in medicine, mentioning that joy, connection, and gratitude serve as healing balms in healthcare. Additionally, she shared insights into her work with the Mindful Healthcare Collective, a project she co-founded to support healthcare professionals’ well-being during the pandemic, emphasizing the importance of self-healing in the healing profession.